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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is

A. Sending bulk or high volume email presents unique challenges for businesses, ISPs and email hosting companies. provides perfect solution for sending mass email. Direct mail marketers find it perfect way for growing their email campaigns and use it for sales promotions, client newsletters, opt-in email newsletters and bulk mailing and to take advantage of all target email marketing opportunities. Our high-performance SMTP relay server provides you with a fast, reliable and very effective sending engine for bulk emails because it delivers email messages directly to the recipients' inbox. The mail server supports both plain-text and HTML format that lets you send from any bulk email software that works best for you. It takes simply 2 minutes to setup mail server details into your email software's settings and send large volume email lists or mass email marketing campaigns directly through any internet connection without any worries or hassles! For distributions of sending hundreds to millions of emails per month, our high volume services offer highest reliability at the lowest price.

2. What is SMTP?

A. SMTP is the protocol (or standard) by which email is delivered on the internet.

3. Why shouldn't I just use my ISP's server?

A. Many ISPs have very strict restrictions on how their servers may be used. Our bulk SMTP server delivers all email messages directly from your PC right to the recipients' email inbox server bypassing your ISP's mailbox or mail server. This significantly speeds up the message sending and gives instant confirmation of delivery and eliminates 70% of "Mail undeliverable" error messages you can get. You can send hundreds of emails a minute (the actual rate may depend on the size of messages and the sizes of attached files and embedded images). Our SMTP server is a unique tool for sending emails in bulk and provides safe, easy and fast way for direct mail sending. With one push of a button you can send emails to thousands to millions of mailing list members at one time with our email servers. It is the best bulk email solution for bulk email advertising and targeted bulk email marketing campaigns. Choose one of the below mail server plans and have a successful time on the web.

4. What if I have more than one email address I want to send from?

A. Yes, we've thought of that! You can use an unlimited number of email addresses with each plan. This means that you can continue to send work emails from your work email address, and personal emails from your home email address (or any other email addresses) all in the one account.

5. What about attachments? Can I send them?
A. Our SMTP Server supports attachments, but if the size of attachments is too big, which will affect the stability of the working of SMTP mail server. And also the relay smtp server and recipients' mailbox will reject to accept email if its size is too big!

6. How much does service cost?

A. We have a range of bulk email services plans starting as low as `4000 (US $89) per month! Each account has a large monthly email sending quota, with no daily or hourly restrictions! We also provide you with fast and easy-to-use mailing software free of charge!
Your bulk email server's hardware will be maintained by us with bandwidth capability for your bulk email marketing needs at no additional cost to you. You can keep your energy focused on your email campaigns and making profits, while we handle the technical end and focus on the sending.

Mass Mailing and Smtp Server Subscription Plans available are:

Mail Server Accounts: One time set up fee of only `1000 (US $25)

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Additionally, there are no hidden fees, and no minimum contract?just pay on a monthly basis.

7. After I sign up, can I start right away?

A. Yes! Account details are sent immediately (once we receive payment confirmation) - so you can sign up and be up and running in minutes. We?ll assign you an SMTP server address, username and password. After that, all you have to do is set your outbound email server in your preferred mass mailer program and start deploying messages to your customers and prospects in under 2 minutes. (Again, full setup instructions are available once your account is active.) 
If you run into any problems at any stage, we are there for you and will assist you with any configuration issues you may have. We offer technical support by phone, email, or real-time chat directly through our web site.

8. Will any of the messages go to the junk mail folder?

A. With our SMTP server purchase, email delivery is guaranteed! Your messages go directly from your computer to your recipient's e-mailbox without delay.

9. What should I do to guarantee inbox delivery?

A. If you feel a lot of your messages are filtered out and not delivered, following these little hints may dramatically increase your delivery rates and speed.

  1. Avoid ?Spammy? Words and Phrases ? Systematically scanning e-mail subject lines and body content is the most widely used filtering method among ISPs, according to Jupiter Research. Avoid overly promotional words and phrases, multiple exclamation points, all capital letters and other text often used by spammers.

  2. Write, don?t paint ? most of your message must be text; avoid including large images. Once again, anti-spam filters become suspicious when the image / text ratio is too high. Don't include a single large image in your email if you can avoid it since this is how most spam nowadays seems to operate.

  3. Don?t over-attach ? attachments should only be used in small, personal lists; if you are publishing a newsletter, upload files on your website and use links instead (your subscribers will be happier too).

  4. Make sure your from name and address are familiar ? If there is any confusion as to where your message is coming from, your subscribers would be much less inclined to report you as a spammer if they could contact you directly.

  5. Better use Smtp ? While Direct Send mode is very useful in many situations, unfortunately nowadays a lot of mail server refuse direct delivery in order to prevent spam. You should better use Smtp when you are mailing a large amount of recipients. This leads to?

Choose a good Smtp service for your newsletter

A good Smtp service is the key for your speed. While most of ISPs include a free bundled Smtp service as part of their offers, this may not be the right solution when sending large amount of mails. Standard Smtp services may not allow for multiple connections, or limit bandwidth, or even limit the number of messages that can be sent in a given time. ?Direct Send? mode is a good alternative option, but unfortunately some servers do not allow direct delivery. If you really need speed consider subscribing a dedicated Smtp service: using multiple simultaneous connections and a fast server can really speed up your mailings, ensure a higher rate of messages are delivered, and definitely save you a lot of time and efforts.

10. What will you do to guarantee inbox delivery?

A. Our staff works hard to keep our IP ranges clean of any blocks to keep performance at optimum levels. If your IP gets black listed, and as a result your e-mail messages are marked as spam, we will assist you with removal / delisting your IP from major domain providers like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. We can even provide you with new IP and the server will again start delivering messages to inbox.

11. I don't see an answer to my question -- how do I contact you?

A. If there is any other information we can provide you with, or if you need personal assistance in any way, please click here to contact us right away.

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send bulk email server, bulk emailing, emailing solutions, sending huge amount of emails, corporate email marketing, sending bulk email solution, newsletter, emailing software, dedicated email servers, reseller email server, bulk email software, smtp emailing solutions, online business marketing and advertising, email hosting, static ip address email server, emailing service provider