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Can I Send Bulk Emails without SMTP Server?

You might have heard that more and more corporates are using bulk email software for sending emails to large number of recipient. It is not wrong to say that these software programs help both big and small organizations to create and send emails to large number of clients at one time, without reporting any spamming complaints. It is because the software is loaded with innumerable features. Some of those features are unlimited number of emails are send to unlimited number of clients, dynamic variables can be used for representing recipient names, it shows status of email send to clients and many more. Due to these features, the software is demanded greatly in the market.

Many bulk email software providers use deceptive means to sell the software program. They market their product with this information that these software can send bulk emails easily without SMTP server. In other words, if a company uses the software they do not need to hire SMTP server provider. However, it is not true. In order to send bulk emails, SMTP server is inevitable because it is the origin of all emails. Even if you are using send bulk email software, you need to hire dedicated SMTP service providers that supports bulk emails. Moreover, if you are using the software, then also server is required for hosting the application. So, it is crystal clear that a company cannot send bulk emails without SMTP server, irrespective of the fact it is using software or not.

Tips to improve email delivery rates for taking business to heights of success

It is significant to send bulk emails to promote any specific brand of a product. Large number of companies, small or big, prefer to send bulk emails to hundreds of potential customers across the globe.

The main focus of all the enterprises is to ensure more number of visitors to their website. And this is possible when large number of bulk emails are send at a time to clients. It happens when mails are send in bulk, they report to spam, So, in order to improve email delivery rates to the potential and actual customers, follow these points.


  • end emails consistently : You should send emails at regular intervals of time so that your clients do not forget about your product and able to develop interest in it.
  • Keep email contact list clean : Always delete inactive users from your mail lists, keep a check on bounced emails and unsubscribe requests.
  • Ask your clients to add you in their contact list : After subscribing your services, ask your clients to add you in their safe list in order to avoid any Spam messages.
  • Appropriate subject line : Make your subject line attractive and clear for the readers. Avoid using capital letters and excessive amount of exclamation points.
  • Use double opt-in : Double opt-in reduces the chances of blacklisting of the mails. When the user signs up, opt-in conformation is sent to the clients so that they can recognize your newsletters in future.
  • Use pertinent content: Always use relevant matter in your emails that clearly specify your company’s services on order to grab attention of maximum clients.

These tips help to increase the delivery rates of bulk emails thus resulting in enhanced growth of the company. Other way of improving email delivery rates is using email bulk software that are offered by several online service providers at affordable price range.

Use Bulk Emailing Software for Sending and Tracking Email Responses

Of late, more and more businesses are using software for sending bulk emails to their respective clients. It is because the software ensures that the emails land in inbox of customers and thus keep them informed about company’s products and services. Equipped with several features, bulk email software provides innumerable benefits to every large as well as small scale organizations.

Benefits of using bulk email software :
With the help of this software, email marketing campaign can be handled easily without the need of expensive web based solutions. It is because the software helps in creating effective mails that can be personalized further as per business requirements. In the software, users can create opt-in list that ensures that the mails are send to specified clients only. Once you have send the emails, you can easily analyse its results. The software enables customers to know after reading their emails whether clients have purchased any product or services or subscribe to their websites or not. Some other important features of the software for bulk emailing are :

  • It helps in creating and sending personalized newsletter
  • It verifies email addresses
  • It imports existing contacts and find new addresses for mailing
  • It automatically deletes email address of bounced back emails from bulk emailing database.

So, it can be said by using the software, companies can easily informed their target audience about their new products and services easily and quickly. In order to purchase the software, look for online companies as several online service providers are offering feature-rich bulk emailing software at affordable prices.

How to Choose Effective Bulk Email Software?

If you are in online business, sending emails in bulk to a number of clients is a requisite condition. Because chances remain quite high that bulk emails report as spam, therefore most of the companies use bulk email software that ensure that mails land in inbox of customers. In the market, different companies offer different kinds of software programs at different price range. But, it is prudent to purchase that software, which meets your business requirements adequately. If you are perplexed about which software is right for your speech, then this guide will help you.

Factors to look after while purchasing bulk email software

  • Purchase user-friendly software program so that users can operate it easily.
  • The software works easily on all platforms available online.
  • It must be feature enrich like it creates and send emails by its own, split, merge and filter the list, give detailed tracking report who opens it, etc.
  • Purchase that software program which enhances the efficiency of mailing by tacking all problems with it automatically. In other words, it can be said software must manage list quickly, able to put content, update list easily without any hassle, send emails easily so that it do not get spam.
  • Invest money in those software program which requires minimum maintenance.

Last but not the least, purchase bulk email software from a reputed online service providers. It is because the reputed service providers offer quality product at affordable rates. In order to find service providers of bulk email software, look over internet.

Effective Tips to Improve Email Delivery Rates

Email marketing is regarded as one of the most effective ways of promoting your business products and services online to worldwide customers in the shortest possible time span. However, the desired message will be imparted only when email lands in inbox of customers, not in spam folder. Getting email delivered on consistent basis is one of the biggest challenges faced by email marketers. If you are one amongst the same and want to improve your email delivery rates, this guide will definitely help you.

Effective Tips of Improving Email Delivery Rates :

  • Build trust among your clients by asking them to put your email address in their “safe senders” list.
  • When your clients or email subscribers add you in your trusted sender list, they will receive your mail in their inbox.
  • There are certain words as well as things which trigger spam filters. Some of those words are free, guarantee, sentence in all capital letters, punctuation and symbols, etc. So, avoid these texts and words while sending your email to clients.
  • Prior sending mail to clients, run a spam count on it. Run count helps in scanning your HTML and comparing content with spam filtering algorithms. Based on their results, you get the idea whether your mail requires editing or not.
  • Make your email content rich rather than graphics-rich.
  • Last but not the least. hire reputed email marketing service provider that help in increasing your deliverability statistics.

In order to know about the reputed service providers of email marketing campaigns, browse the web.

What are requirements for a dedicated bulk email server setup?

One of the basic difference between normal server and dedicated server is the latter is dedicated to host services of only one customers, who has large business. Most of the clients, who run large business, prefer setting up a dedicated bulk email server as it gives them flexibility to customize hardware or software set up as per their needs, high traffic gets easily accommodated and data access is faster. So, due to all these and many other reasons, large companies opt for a dedicated servers, instead of shared server. There are several requirements which are important to fulfill, if you are planning to set up you own dedicated bulk email server.

Basic Technical Configuration :

  • Obtain one unique IP address for mailouts.
  • Set reverse DNS entry for IP and ensure that forward look up matches
  • Register your domain name.
  • Choose and download your operating system. Linux, Windows, etc., are some of the most sought-after servers.
  • Install server software
  • Set up the firewall for protecting your server.

If you feel setting up dedicated bulk email server is a complex and expensive process, hire services of dedicated bulk email server providers. It is because these server service providers offer excellent services, which are highly secured. Moreover, they offer 24*7 excellent customer support to their customers, resolving their queries in limited time frame. So, choose such service provider that offers fully managed and completely secured dedicated server services to its reputed clients.

What is best way to send huge quantity of emails at a fast pace and get them delivered everytime?

If your business involves sending large number of email per month, then it becomes prudent to opt for a dedicated server for sending bulk email at a time. A dedicated server is regarded as one of the best and reliable resources for a website that rely on email extensively for conducting their business. It is because your website runs on that server which is not shared with anybody, this further results in fast and sure shot delivery of your emails Although, it has a higher cost than shared server hosting plan, it is an ideal solution for many online organizations that communicate with email.

It goes without saying that companies remain in profitable position by using dedicated servers. Customization is the biggest advantage they get by opting for dedicated server. They are free to choose everything from operating system to amount of RAM, control panel, for their websites, as per their business requirements. etc. The dedicated server is reliable as only one site is running on a server, thus problems related to traffic never arise. Enhanced security, easy to upgrade server, etc. are few another benefits of using dedicated server instead of shared server. So, it can be said that hiring dedicated server service provide is one of the best ways of sending large volume of emails at a fast pace with high email delivery rate.

Many companies prefer setting up their own email dedicated servers, while other prefer hiring services of dedicated email server provider as former is an expensive affair. Thus, if you are willing to hire dedicated email server providers, make sure to hire such company who holds significant experience in this field and offering services to large number of companies.

How to Send Large Volumes of Emails Without Worrying of Spam Complaints

Around the world, many companies depend on email marketing for communicating with their potential and existing businesses. When a company sends emails, two possibilities arises; one is either it will land in inbox or report as a spam. Companies are able to carry out their email marketing campaign successfully if an email lands in inbox but if it lands in spam, its campaign will fail drastically. Spam or junk mail refers to those emails which a reader does not care to read. Due to a number of reasons, emails goes to spam folder. So, if you want to make sure that your email hits the inbox, follow aforementioned certain rules.

Writing company’s name in subject line of the email, incorporating company’s logo, adding information about company’s product and services, if a company is sending mass emails, go for opt-in email list option, etc., are some of the ways that ensure that your email goes into inbox instead of reporting into spam folder. If you really want to give your company benefits of email mass marketing, make sure to either set up your own dedicated server or hire dedicated server providers. If you are unable to set up your own server due to insufficient knowledge, hire services of dedicated SMTP server providers. It is because these service providers ensure high delivery rate of their all emails that too in inbox, not in spam folder with its seamless dedicated server services. Because it is the service of your dedicated server providers that will determine your business success, so make sure to hire services of reputed companies.